Dzunisani & Sinenhlanhla Engagement Shoot on Florida Road Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Engagement shoots are an opportunity for us as wedding photographers to get to know our clients better and create a productive relationship before the wedding day.

So with only one week left before the wedding day and all that excitement in the air, the couple to be booked me a flight to where they were spending the weekend. And without hesitation, I took an early flight to Durban to meet Sne and Dzuni for the all-important engagement shoot.

After a rough ending of the previous year and a subdued start to this year due to the uncertainties of living through a pandemic and the country's restricted level three lockdown. We were super stoked when the president announced that the country was moving to level one, as this could signal better things to come and with these desperate times at hand we all needed to hear the good news and they came at the perfect time.

A plea from a service provider & brides-to-be {Everyone must please wear a mask in public at all times, sanitise and wash your hands regularly, and avoid large indoor gatherings so we can improve our chance of extending and preserving lives & lively hoods}

Enjoy the images. xoxoxo

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