Cavin + Nokukhanya Mogale's Engagement Shoot At The Gorgeous Pont De Val.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

After a busy Saturday shooting my very first Tsonga traditional wedding in Alexandra Jhb and remotely coordinating a Zulu Traditional wedding with my team in Kwazulu-Natal, I had to catch the first red-eye flight out to Durban and back to Johannesburg to do an engagement shoot in Pont De Val on banks of the Vaal River.

Before the engagement shoot could even take place, everything played out like a scene out of a rom-com... One Uber ride, Two flights and the flight back to O.R Tambo was delayed by two and a half hours..... After I landed, I took an hour’s drive to the Vaal to meet the two love birds. All of this in the name of love and the love of photography.

At first glance, Nokukhanya and Cavin were and still my kind of laid-back people, who love to laugh and are in-love and in euphoria after the lobola negotiations went well the day before.

As I was late due to the drama that came with the day, we got straight to the business right away. Oh wow, the *golden hour glow provided by the sunset set the mood and allowed us an opportunity to take and make some gorgeous imagery as it set with every passing second.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as we enjoyed making them.

We can’t wait to document their wedding soon, wink wink.....Enjoy!

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